About e-EMB

eemb1e-EMB is a Revolutionary Smart Meter that works through GSM/GPRS modem, tampering proof, self-healing and very Economic. It consist of Meter Reading System and Data Analysis Software.Unleash the true power of smart meter data through our end-to-end solutions.Our unique offering of interoperable hardware and software supports flexible integration in complex business environments to improve your Business Value and Customer Satisfaction.

In the Modern era, as Everything is becoming Online, it has became Important to have online Information from the Metering Modules. KPMP Electronics has developed a Revolutionary Smart Meter with consist of GPRS modem for Communication which will enable you to see the true value of Smart Metering Data. and can easily be Pole Mounted and In-Nouse Mounted. A Unit can have 1/2/4/8/16/32/64… numbers of Meter Connections and all basic features such as Collecting Information, Connection Disconnection, On, Off can be done remotely.

Features of e-EMB